Go Bus Group

Go Bus transportations – Go Bus Tours

  • Both are working in its specialty and all working jointly to provide integrated tourism services at the best possible way.
  • GoBus has long history in its field and huge clients base who trust in the services provided to them.
  • The focus of work in Go Bus is client satisfaction.
  • We have a large fleet of tourist buses on different levels of service are working to link the cities of Egypt.
  • Large number of tactical team members and experts on implementation and supervision of customer service 24 hours a day throughout the year of hard work on the improvement and development of provided services.
  • With GoBus you can travel any time of the year and achieve a lot of fun and excitement with your family and friends.

Our massage

  • We strive to earn the trust of our clients, by providing integrated tourism services with high quality.
  • We owe our success for the client to establish a good relationship based on credibility and recreation and entertainment

Company policy

  • We are dealing complete sincerity in all our dealings based on the best international standards.
  • Keep the safety of the customer in the first place.
  • We humbly accept all comments and recommendations from customers to improve our services.
  • We keep in close contact with our customers, at all stages of cooperation, 24-hours throughout the year.



Our Services

  • Internal tourism: we organize and implement a variety programs to all touristic areas in Egypt, where the magic of nature and scenic coastline and charming mountains regions brilliant. With varying degrees of diversity and service to suit all needs.
  • Foreign Tourism: We organize programs to visit the most important monuments and regions all over the world, with all the means of comfort and entertainment of transportations, tours and activities on the highest level of quality.
  • Hotels reservation: provide hotel booking service in various cities and governorates in Egypt and outside Egypt. Affordable accommodation includes all levels and categories
  • Aviation: We provide airlines ticketing for inbound and outbound clients, regional and global airline service.
  • Limousine and transportations: We offer a huge fleet of touristic buses and limousine services, including the needs of all travelers.
  • Business services: we have dedicated a special system to provide high-quality services for the VIP guests from various personalities and institutions.
  • Events and conferences: plan and organize various conferences, event, seminars, conference meeting various stings, and coordinate lighting, music and theater design and background as well as bags and other publications.
  • Tour Guides: we provide a team of professional tour guides and coordinated directly from the company’s headquarters and under full guarantees.
  • Therapeutic Tourism: We offer therapeutic and health tourism service, include rounds of recreation and entertainment to the hot springs, cold springs, hot sand and mineral sulfur springs all in the arms of the wonderful nature in Egypt.